kind words

At Fit & Fab Weddings we have a genuine love for helping couples experience the fabulous wedding of their dreams. We go the extra mile, and treat all couples with respect, dignity, patience, understanding, and care. We agree with the saying … "It is easy to make a sale – but harder to make a difference!" Some of our past clients and their guests have written Kind Words about how we have made a difference for them.

  • "Lynn planned our entire wedding in March 2018. She did an amazing job! My friends and family are still raving about what a great day it was. The venue was perfect, food was exceptional, DJ made the party rock, cake was awesome, and the photographer captured it all perfectly. Everything went very smoothly. Most important, Lynn listened to my fiancé, and basically held her hand for almost a year. She kept her calm because she thought through all the details. She took care of everything so that both of us could relax and really enjoy the wedding. I could not imagine how things would have gone without Lynn. I highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding."

    - De’Arien S.

  • "Lynn was absolutely AMAZING!! As a bride, I could not have asked for anything more for my wedding. Lynn understood my vision, and executed if perfectly. She was incredibly organized, budget conscious, and always gave me great advice. She was available at all times, and quick to respond to all my questions and calm my fears. She helped me select my vendors, and worked through all the details with them. She was extremely warm and friendly; not only to me and my fiancé, but to our guests, the venue staff, and all of our vendors. She made the whole experience very enjoyable, and I cannot thank her enough. It has been several months since my wedding, and many of my friends and family are still raving about it. If you are looking for any help planning your wedding, Lynn is a person I would absolutely recommend for the job, and already have!"

    - Nikol S.

  • "Lynn went above and beyond for my wedding!! She remembered more things than I did!! Her communication skills are top of the line!!! I love her!! She is the one and only wedding planner I will recommend to anyone!!!"

    - Tiffany S.

  • "As the Maid of Honor, I was truly impressed with the wedding of my best friend. Lynn did an amazing job putting the whole thing together from bridal shower, to bachelorette party, to ceremony and reception. She was professional and calm at all times. She kept the bridal party informed, and was so thoughtful to consider our needs as well. Our rehearsal was well planned, which made the wedding ceremony flow smoothly. I still get emotional when I think about this day. I cannot wait to get engaged so I can hire Lynn to plan my wedding!!"

    - Chelsea T.

  • "I was one of those Dads who really just ‘didn’t get’ the value and purpose of a big wedding. I love my daughter and actually felt that the expense of the wedding could be better used on a down payment for a home or any other long term investment. My daughter and wife ganged up on me and insisted we go forward with the event, and after experiencing all that Lynn was able to put together, I am so glad that they did. This lady was the most organized, accommodating and dedicated professional that I have ever come across. Every detail was considered, planned for and expertly executed. Lynn’s positive, can-do attitude made what could have been a stress-filled painful event into a journey of pure joy. The end result was simply amazing. What Lynn did not only for my daughter, but for our entire family, was that she created a night of well-orchestrated beauty that provided a lifetime of memories that are seared into our minds and still make us laugh and/or cry, whenever we think or speak of it. Thanks to her, I ‘get it’ now."

    - William J.

  • "Attending an "out of town" wedding is always a potential for disaster and/or unwanted stress. Not when we recently traveled to the Dallas area to see our niece get married. The planning and attention to detail was obviously well thought out and orchestrated beautifully. Details including hotel choice, maps and time schedules for group dinners for the out of town visitors both prior to the wedding as well as the actual wedding day were so helpful. The venues were perfectly laid out and the fluidity of the day made the hours fly by! All of the "extras" added to the experience. The choices in food, baked items, photography, DJ and all the services that go along with a big wedding were obviously suited to the Bride and Groom rather than the wedding planner. As guests, we focused on the beautiful experience and everything around us happened seamlessly. No one ever seemed stressed or led us to believe there was ever a problem or issue coordinating everything. Hats off to a job well done!"

    - Dean M.

  • "Fit and Fab...Lynn was absolutely amazing. Professional from start to finish. She did far more than we ever expected and did it better than we could ever have hoped for. Lynn was responsive to everything. She was way ahead in thinking about ideas, issues and possible problems we might face. Both Krisandra and I cannot say enough about Lynn and what a top class professional she is in every way!"

    - Mark D.

  • "Lynn, thank you so much for helping plan my wedding and making my day go so smoothly. Without you I don't think it would have been possible. I had so many guests tell me how great of a wedding planner you were! Lynn is hardworking, knows great vendors for great prices and will call on your behalf to find the best price for you. She took so much off my hands & I can't thank her enough! If you're looking for a wedding planner for just the day of or to completely take the hassle off your hands and plan your whole wedding for you then look no further! Thank you so much for making my dreams come to reality!"

    - Brittani D.

  • "Lynn will work above and beyond to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. She was phenomenal and made things work so smoothly. We called her on very short notice (less than a month out!) and she made the day phenomenal. She kept up with vendors and even recommended the photographer we used (he was exceptional!!). There were a lot of moving parts and things that I really wanted to have happen including having an atmosphere that would transport our guests to another time. She did a phenomenal job. We enjoyed our day and she helped take the stress out of the day for us. You'll be happy you put your special day in her hands!"

    - Krisandra P.