about us

Fit & Fab Weddings is a wedding planning company based in Frisco, Texas, that was created by Lynn Jackson. Our goal is to work with any couples in love who want to take the stress out of planning their fabulous wedding day. We want couples and their loved ones to bask in their celebration of love, and leave the detailed planning to us!

about me

I am a wife, mother, “Nana,” athlete, business woman, realtor, LEO, and organizer-in-chief! My life experiences have primed me for the job I am most passionate about… a wedding planner.

I live for who I love! My family is the cornerstone of my being. My family is multi-national, multi-religious, atheist, multi-cultural, gay, straight, and spread across the country. I am inspired by my husband, two sons, and daughter every day and am strengthened by the love and support of several extended family members. I have a compassionate heart and truly care about others.

about my background

I worked in “Corporate America” for nearly 15 years in the mortgage, medical, and software industries, most notably as VP of Administration for a large financial services organization. These positions helped me refine my customer service, organization, negotiation, and project management skills, and were critical to my success as a realtor for the past 10 years. It is this diverse business background coupled with my enthusiasm for helping people that have enabled me to become an effective wedding planner.

In addition, I am a self-proclaimed jock… always have been, always will be. I varsity lettered in three sports in high school and played college basketball. I also qualified twice for NPC national bodybuilding contests years ago. I continue my love of training and healthy eating today. Fitness is a part of who I am and has helped me become an extremely disciplined person. I have the energy and stamina to give 110% and will go above and beyond to create a FABULOUS wedding for my clients!

why fit & fab?

We are in the business of serving all couples regardless of their budgets, backgrounds, expectations or distinctive visions. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to create fabulous weddings. From first contact through clean up after the event, we are with you every step of the way. We seek out other great professionals who have similar work ethic, reasonably priced services, and values that match ours.

We FIT… your lifestyle, expectations, budget, and schedule to create your FABULOUS day!